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Crawley Open House and The Easter Team have worked together closely for almost thirty years to support those in need but demand for our help is increasing.


We estimate that over the last year we provided around 100,000 hot drinks and 46,500 meals to homeless, disadvantaged and socially excluded people. We also gave out approximately 2,500 food parcels to those in crisis. These are given out at local collection points and are also taken to those sleeping on the streets, in tents or in vehicles locally.

To work more efficiently in tackling the growing levels of food poverty in our community, Crawley Open House and The Easter Team are combining our food donations and stores under the name of the Crawley Foodbank Partnership. These combined resources will provide food to the hungry as food parcels but will also underpin all of the other work we do which makes our organisations so much more than just foodbanks. 


Around 75% of everything we give to others was once given to us – we simply couldn’t do what we do without your kindness and the generosity of the community around us.


The most useful items are tins or packets of the following:


coffee, sugar, UHT milk, meat and fish, vegetables, fruit, baked beans, bottles of squash, soup,

cooking sauces, desserts, tea/coffee and biscuits but, of course, all donations are welcome.


If it would be helpful, we would be delighted to visit you to talk about the work we do helping those in need. To arrange a talk, or to discuss a harvest donation and collection, please just get in touch.

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